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   About Becksöndergaard


In 2003, Becksöndergaard started in Copenhagen, when our founders Anna Søndergaard and Lis Beck set out to create accessories for women who love playful and personal designs that can be styled season after season. Soon, the brand became renowned for its colours, contrasts and unique prints. Becksöndergaard was founded with a passionate belief that women should dress with a personal touch. The brand has a playful and straightforward approach to colours and materials, while remaining true to its Scandinavian roots. We create designs to treasure, to surprise and to give the finishing touch to all outfits no matter the occasion.

The brand has developed exponentially over time with new collections full of personality and attitude being introduced. Today, the brand has 5 own retail stores and is sold in more than 18 countries. From February 2019, the Becksöndergaard design team is lead by Katrine Larsø Jensen.

The Becksöndergaard characteristics are as straight forward as our designs: unexpected, playful and colourful.

With a rebellious hint, we are constantly looking for that element of surprise. May it be in how we design, how we meet our customers or how our products can be used. Thus, fashion trends and rules are acknowledged, but also continuously challenged.
Mischief takes centre stage at Becksöndergaard, where we have a straightforward approach to design and creativity. We never take ourselves too serious and neither should our products be.
Seasons and trends may come and go, but colours are a constant at Becksöndergaard. We like to think of ourselves as a one stop candy shop: here, you can get what your heart desires.