A new direction at Becksöndergaard

The woman in front of the new Becksöndergaard, Katrine Larsø, is diving head first into the exciting new chapter of the brand, introducing a more contemporary design vision that will strike balance between the design heritage and new ambitions.

“The Becksöndergaard collections will still include the colourful and playful elements that has always characterised the brand, but we want to take the pieces even further in an updated and more contemporary version,” says Katrine Larsø, who has a design background from Baum und Pferdgarten, Day and Day Ét. Here, the Design Manager says, is where she learned the art of playing with colours, prints and, not least, accessories.
For Spring Summer 2020 and beyond, Katrine brings a new twist to the fashion accessory brand, by introducing her joyful and colourful aesthetic to the designs: “I have a special place in my hearts for print and colours, and I believe you can create something truly unique if you combine them in unexpected new ways. For me, when it comes to colours, the only rule is that there are no rules. A fun and wearable candy shop - that’s what we’re aiming for.”

With the new collection, the newly appointed Design Manager is also taking steps to introduce a more graphic take on Becksöndergaard anno 2020 with the introduction of the BS styles. Embossed with a close-knitted BS, these are go-to styles to surprise, to treasure, and to take the brand into a new time. “With the BS styles, I wanted to go back to the brand roots and show that sense of community that has always made Becksöndergaard something special, but at the same time make it modern and wearable for our customers today,” Katrine says.